About us

About us

ECOLOGIZE is a private non-commercial initiative started by Ann Sterckx (living in Belgium) and Rudy Vandamme (living in France).

We met each other through our common interest in transition towns, LETS, and permaculture. We share our passion for vegetable gardening but also the translation of this lifestyle into our professional domains. We both are a bit rebellious, challenging existing practices in the areas of human resources management, education, and health care. We see ourselves as creative developers, translating an ecological worldview into practical guidelines and tools for professionals.

We have a different field of application: Ann (1973), organizational psychologist, has been working as human resources manager in several companies. Ann is specialist in eco-psychology. Rudy (1958) is owner of successful training institute. He runs in Belgium and The Netherlands with his team courses in NLP, coaching, leadership and mediation. Rudy wrote more than ten books, some of which are used as manuals in higher education.

Rudy obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands).

We like to collaborate with Universities. But we are not ivory tower intellectuals. It is our ambition to translate scientific and philosophical insights into models and methods that can be used by professionals.

Our project Ecologize is a spin off of our research, values and suffering.