The Fork model is a hands-on tool to structure a conversation in such a way that helping your clients is combined with emancipatory work. The ultimate purpose of helping clients is not only that clients' goals are reached or their problems solved, but that they become empowered citizens and cultural creatives. For more information: www.coachingforprofessionals.net

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Zweers, Wim, (2000) Participating with nature. A outline for an ecologization of our world view. Utrecht: International books.

Zweers Participating with nature

The challenge of Western civilisation is to learn to participate with nature. In this highly conceptual book Zweers structures the discussion of the relationship between humans and nature. Zweers defends a participation model. In that model humans are seen as different from nature, having a proper evolutionary task. This task is not an appropriation of nature. Nature is not a means to human ends. Nature has to be recognized as having intrinsic value.


The Giaia Hypothesis

Jeremy Rifkin The Empathc Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis, 2010