Ecologize provides professionals (teachers, counsellors, coaches, leaders, consultants, policy makers, hr people) inspiration, training and coaching in the application of an ecological worldview.

Our goal is to dessimate models, methods and patterns.  The right understanding of our approach will be supported in different ways.

- Webinars

- Ecoaching for professionals about ecologizing their work

- Keynote conferencing.  As long we can travel in an ecological way ...

- Books




We have experience in working with:

  • Life coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Social workers
  • Health care professionals: nurses, physiotherapists, physicians
  • Teachers in secundary and higher education
  • Middle managers and teamleaders
  • Lawyers and mediators
  • Organisational development leaders
  • HR people
  • Change Makers
  • Soft skills trainers