The prophecies were wrong: 2012 was 2011

The prophecies were wrong: 2012 was 2011

A lot of people predicted that this year, 2012, would be a very special year in the transition to a new world. The year 2012 has been included in many prophecies and is seen as very important spiritually. Planet earth and human civilization will move to a next level. But I think prophecies were wrong:

it happened already in 2011. I saw many things happen on a worldwide scale:

we became aware that the financial meltdown of 2009 is not going to be reversed in a next booming economy. We became aware that politicians are not going to solve the ecological problems.  We became aware that we, citizens have to create the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, a new economical model, more environmental responsibility. Not the government, but WE, you and me. The ‘indignatos’ and the occupy movement show that citizens are fed up with greedy capitalism and power games. 2012 will be a year that plenty of new initiatives will emerge: complementary monetary systems, ethical banking, LETS, permaculture, new ways of schooling, co-habitation practices, transition towns, eco-villages, green architecture, eco-spirituality, self-sufficient homesteads, green transport, etc etc.

In 2011 the powerless question ‘what can we do?’ turned into ‘what initiatives are you going to join?’