Postmodernity is not the solution

Postmodernity is not the solution

Do you recognize the inner conflict between accepting all life forms and having a judgment of what is right? This is an everyday experience for us. We are educated to be polite, to understand, to love otherness.

And yes, that is a beautiful attitude. But ...

we find ourselves being irritated by noise, by artificial light, by consumerism, by greediness, and so on. Are we not spiritual enough to be mindful in relation to our urban noisy environment or do we have an valuable opinion?

Modernity was based on the idea that we are better than others (ethnocentrism)
Postmodernity is the attitude to accept all life forms as equal (relativism)

Ecologize goes beyond postmodernity. It is based on the worldview in which we have to take the voice of the greater whole first. We should all care about our global habitat, nature and next generations of living beings.This is not a modernist opinion of people who think they are better than others. This is our vision of what is absolutely necessary from the point of civilization, Gaia, and present challenges. It is also part of understanding what it is to be human.

The point is that we are, thanks to our postmodern education, able to co-create and dialogue with other opinions. We do have an opinion and we are at the same time open minded.