Ecology for a new religion

Ecology for a new religion

It is quite clear that there is a huge vacuum in our society concerning religion, spirituality, and ethics. We are bored with endless achieving success or protecting our way of being happy. Success and happiness are only temporary experiences, whereas meaningfulness gives a person a lasting existential shelter.

One day or another a new religion will emerge. Our present way of being humans cannot go on like this. The vacuum is there. It is a sort of attractor that creates the opportunity for a worldview to emerge in which humans are again part of a larger whole.

I often wonder how that new religion will look like. Will the Islam or Buddhism inspire it? Will Christianity refashion itself? Will the new age movement add some transcendental aspects in its worldview? Or will ecology be the candidate for a new sense of the greater whole?

I really don’t know but it is my longing that humanity finds its roots again in a larger whole. For me, the ecological whole, the living universe is my whole for which I bow and who give me the foundation to lead a meaningful and moral good life.