3. Put the Voice of the Earth first, Defend Green

Although greening is only one part of a holistic approach, it is a part that needs priority in our attention. Not only because nature is in danger, but also because the experiential belongingness to nature is at the heart of the shift in worldview. We discovered in our own transformative processes of awakening how connection with the earth through work in a garden, made us more sensitive to all connections. We deepened our understanding what it is to be alive through connection with other living beings. It is important that this connection didn't emerged by just visually enjoying nature. It is through collaboration and living together with other beings that we deepened our lived empathy, conflicts and frustrations being part of symbiosis. Love with other humans or with domesticated animals obtain a much deeper meaning if it is inspired by a connection with living beings that are out of our normal range of anthropomorphizing projections.

We are nature. Nature is our teacher. We see three main pathways:

Firstly, there is the immediate experience of the sacredness of nature. By experiencing nature with all our senses, we recognize our own nature. By experiencing the beauty of a flower, we become beautiful beings. By wondering the ingenuity of nature, we recognize our own potential as living beings. Nature reflect our own qualities.

Secondly, there is the explicit science of bio-mimicry. It seems through the last 3 millennia that humans have learned ways to organise and cope with life that are quite different from self organising natural patterns. Humans tend to use rational logical patterns that fit with the rational part of our brain, but not with the emotional and natural side of our essence as human being. Rationality, science, and technique brought humans into new worlds. Although we defend the integration of rationality and naturality, for now we have to rediscover the latter. Natural patterns are as important for humanity as the rational ones. The starting point for any profession is to wonder how nature is obtaining the same results with other than rational patterns.

Are you sure that your learned professional methods are better than the patterns that are available in nature?

Finally, professionals can be a role model for their client for a green lifestyle. Live a modest life, have natural looking plants in your office, show you take care of the environment, show your existential happiness, take the bike, eat healthy, be positive, start a vegetable garden, etc. We know that greening is not at the core of the speciality as professionals, but it should be at the heart of their personal process.