Ecologize is not only about greening; it is not about adding a green item to your life, your professional career or your business. Neither is Ecologize about throwing away all the good stuff of Western civilisation. 

> ECOLOGIZE is a movementThousands of initiatives and millions of people all over the planet are putting ecology first. We are happy to be part of it. Our role is to witness how we as professionals are integrating this worldview in our practice.

> ECOLOGIZE is an upgrade. Ecologize is a profound upgrading of existing practices in the light of our present insights in what ecology means. Ecologizing current ways of living and organizing, is to put all what we do, think, and feel in the context of the whole to which we belong, the global culture, the earth.

> ECOLOGIZE is a an ethical call. We have as human being the responsibility to preserve the whole to which we belong, not only for our own benefit, but also out of gratitude for life. Ethics in ecology is not an obligation but a natural commitment, based on the experience of belonging to the earth.

> ECOLOGIZE is a spiritual practice. It is an everyday practice and a conscious intention to try to live in harmony with all other aspects of the system to which you belong. It is a conscious choice to live a modest life, being in service of the whole, connect with life energy, and fully enjoy life wonder.

> ECOLOGIZE is a methodology to transform existing core habits in different professional domains into life- and earth celebrating practices. Models, methods, and patterns are helping people in applying this worldview.

> ECOLOGIZE is a learning path. There aren’t strict guidelines. We have to invent and discover how to ecologize. There are numerous questions and puzzles. In some aspects we have to relearn how to live in harmony with nature, but the mean challenge is finding new ways of living ecological in the landscape of globalization, urbanization, digitalisation, and complex systems (such as education, economy, politics, health institutions).