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How are we in connection with our food ? Do we know what we are eating ? Are we aware about the production process ? And do we feel what we eat is good for our body and for our environment ? How can we reconnect with ourselves and the earth by our food patterns ?

Feel what you eat

Ann Sterckx

Ann Sterckx

on Tuesday, 02 April 2013. Posted in Food

It's rare if you would see me at the bakery shop. I started a year ago to bake bread myself again. After long time experiencing that I lost connection with the food I was eating. Do you recognize this feeling: soft empty bread without soul ? 

I love to enjoy the breadmaking process. Smelling the ingredients, when I put them gently one by one in the pot. The most intense moment is kneading the bread. It's a heavy job, especially if you bake some breads at same time. Then comes the baking, when that lovely smell of fresh baked bread perfumes your home. After some hours, we can try it out and enjoy the taste of labor. Hope in our new home we can bake bread in a wood oven. Then the bread baking ritual will be extended with one more activity: gathering wood.