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We are both psychologists with a passion in linking our psychosocial perspective with ecological sensitivity. We met each other through our common deep-ecology experiences. Our connection with nature helps us to cope with our shared suffering from blind consumerism and the ruthless exploitation of nature. We also protest against the fact that we as professionals are supposed to be efficient, objective, and specialised instead of being creative, authentic, and fully human beings to our clients.

We want to build community with people who understand that psychological issues, like stress, well-being, and the search for meaningfulness, invite us to reconsider the place of nature in our daily life. Human beings are sensitive natural beings; our inner untamed wild is the source of vitality and resilience. Let’s bring this back into our lives!

We see ourselves as creative developers, helping people to apply ecological principles to their life and work. To start with, our five rules of thumbs are our own guidelines. Our book 'About God and other animals' describes our own adventures on the path of integrating the untamed wild in our daily lives.

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